Event Security & Crowd Control

Event Security & Crowd Control

Security plays an integral part of any successful event and it’s our responsibility to ensure that everything proceeds without interruption, allowing you to concentrate on the smooth-running of your entertainment and/or hospitality.

Extensive planning and research go into each and every job we complete for you, giving us a thorough and complete understanding of the event. We are fully prepared for any potential problems that could arise, leaving you confident in the knowledge the service you will receive from us is one of the best in the industry.

We’ve provided security for a host of events in Blackpool and the North West of England.

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Additional Information on Event Security & Crowd Control

Our security officers are fully equipped and trained to deal with crowd control and evacuation procedures, while many also hold first aid qualifications to assist medical staff in the event of an emergency.  They are trained to work with the public in a courteous and helpful manner, acting with professionalism when faced with particularly difficult situations and ensure the safety of people, property and peace throughout your event.

2018 poses new challenges to the security and event industry. Safeguarding the public from terrorism, extremism and deliberate acts of mass violence is a key priority of Northern Security National. The UK is currently on a SEVERE warning, meaning an attack is highly likely. Counter Terrorism Awareness and Terrorist Attack Response training is being implemented into existing training programmes to ensure we provide the safest possible environment.

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