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Here at Northern Security National, we are committed to providing all of our customers with effective security solutions. From CCTV systems to our specialised security personnel, we offer our customers the chance to protect their properties.

Mission Statement & Policies

We recognise our responsibility as a leading provider of security services in the area and are continually striving to deliver services that meet and exceed the needs of our clients, staying ahead in the security industry.

Our People

We seek to provide a workplace of challenge and growth for everyone, where we value innovation, integrity and excellence.

Northern Security National utilise a diverse skill base to provide innovative and integrated solutions. We harness those skills to understand each client’s needs, delivering solutions that go beyond their immediate requirements.

Our Management Philosophy

The way we work with our clients:

  • At Northern Security National we strive to create successful long-term relationships that embrace the principles of partnering.
  • We take the time to really understand our customer. we carefully identify and analyse each risk and them discuss them with our customer in a framework of openness and integrity.
  • We are always prepared to invest our capital upfront to source the most appropriate people, equipment and technologies to deliver the agreed contract outcomes.
  • We will improve the profitability of both our clients and their shareholders by aiming to reduce the cost of doing business and consistently improving the reliability of our service.
  • We benchmark and use practical measurement criteria to ensure we consistently strive for and achieve industry best performance.
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