Over the past 12 months, a growing amount of incidents have occurred and our staff, venue staff and security officers from other companies have gone above and beyond their duties to risk their own lives in order to save the lives of others.

From two of our staff risking it all to save a young girls life on the busy m55 motorway, to multiple staff on numerous occasions saving lives in Blackpool’s sea. Additionally, a security guard in Sainsbury’s saved a girl’s life from a three-story jump. Our most recent incident was an attempted suicide at West Street car park where three of our staff and a venue manager nearly lost their own lives when they all came too close to going over the edge during a desperate struggle.

On all occasions, it showed great courage and compassion and Northern Security would personally like to thank each person involved and a massive well done.

In England alone, 1 in 6 people reports experiencing a common mental health problem (such as anxiety or depression) in any given week and approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year.

It appears that how people cope with said mental health problems is getting worse as the number of people who self-harm or have suicidal thoughts is increasing.

With this being said, Northern Security would like to announce that this year one of our charities that we annually donate to will be ‘Empowerment’ a local Blackpool based charity committed to empowering you to have your voice heard.

“We are proud of the fact that we make everyone welcome no matter who you are and your background.” – Empowerment 2019

In addition, Mrs Cara Holt licensee of Brannigans on Market Street and owner Dr M Ramsden have agreed to hold a fundraiser for Mental Health in the not so distant future…

Northern security would like to thank and commend the following security officers and venue staff for going above and beyond their duties

Mark Clayton, James Hudson, Lewis Totten, Gav Neal, Brad Gleave, Damien walker, Ste McCarthy, Phil Davenport, Luke Lowe, Darren Balmforth, Angela Hall, Cara Watkins, Rob Shirran, Cara Holt , Henry Hart,Josh Lee, Darren Hindle, Dan Kendrick and Shuan Mckale

If we have missed anyone out please get in touch and we will gladly update.