The staff have spoken and we have listened and Northern Security Management are proud to announce the first ever Northern Security National Award. Both myself and Craig have thought up the new initiative and hope to make this an annual occasion with more award titles to hopefully be added with the hope to one day have an annual award ceremony for all Northern Security Staff.


As many will know by now on the 13th July an incident occurred underneath Central Pier. Two nine year old boys had gone to the beach and entered the sea without their parent’s knowledge or permission. Very quickly, the boys became out of their depth and were overpowered by the incoming tide and immediately were in danger of drowning. Working on the pier as a security guard at the time, Oliver Moorhouse, heard the screaming from the two boys below the pier. Without ANY hesitation, Oliver ran from the pier whilst ditching his radio, phone and upper clothing… He ran down the beach and straight into the sea rescuing one of the boys almost instantly. Again, with zero hesitation, Oliver went back in to save the life of the second boy. This time around, he struggled to locate him after 7 gruelling minutes of swimming against the fierce tide and being thrown against the piers structure. Thankfully, Oliver managed to locate and save the second boys life.

With all involved only suffering minor cuts and bruises, It is safe to say without the courage and bravery of Oliver’s actions those two young boys would not be alive today.

Since the above event Oliver has had commendations from Lancashire Police, HM Coast Guard, The Security Industry Authority (SIA), the children’s parents and from their given schools.

With that being said we feel it is a unanimous decision and only fitting that on behalf of all Northern Security National, we would like to say a massive thank you and congratulations to Oliver as our first ever recipient of the Northern Security Outstanding bravery award 2019

Not only is Oliver an absolute credit to our company but a credit to society and the security industry. Hard working, humble, brave and selfless and in our eyes, as I’m sure you’ll agree, a hero and a deserved winner of this award. Along with the award Oliver has also received £250 worth of vouchers curtesy of the Senior Management and a signed Sugar Ray Leonard framed glove kindly donated by Steve Sinclair.

If you have any suggestions for future award titles or would like to nominate a colleague for a potential award please contact myself or Craig 

Thank you all for reading

Kind  Regards

Matt Ward & Craig McGeachy

Northern Security National