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Personal Security

Northern Security National has the UK’s best bodyguards ready to protect. Close protection or body-guarding are just one of the many facets a company should be looking at when considering engaging the services of an outsourced security company.

close protection bodyguard

Northern Security National close protection bodyguard personnel provide a high level of security utilizing proactive operational procedures and on the ground support to instigate and maintain appropriate levels of protection.

Northern Security National Bodyguard staff includes highly skilled personnel, experienced in the realm of personal protection both domestically and internationally. We can provide you, your executives or key clients with a well-planned bodyguard protection scheme for implementation during your local or international travel.

professional and highly trained static guards

Northern Security National Bodyguards, a solid security plan for VIPs.

Northern Security National has years of experience in providing professional and highly trained static guards and various types of security services for clients in the areas of:

  • Special / Sporting Events
  • Bank / Corporate Security
  • Crowd Control Security
  • VIP / Celebrity Bodyguard Protection
  • Commercial Premises
  • High Rise Complexes
  • Gatehouse Duties / Retail Security
  • Concierge / Reception Duties
  • Control Room Duties
  • Warehouse Security
  • Railways Patrol
  • School Ground Security

Our Bodyguard services

Be it a public figure, entertainer or rock group, Northern Security National can supply the expertise to evaluate the individual bodyguard security requirements of an itinerary and the locations, and we will carry out a detailed threat assessment. We are known for our realistic approach and dynamic delivery by world class bodyguard experts.

Our Bodyguard services are available to the full range of client groups, all with their differing needs, requirements, circumstances & unique needs associated with their professions or status. We assure you of the highest quality professional bodyguard service tailored to your needs 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Contact us today to discuss your individual bodyguard and executive protection security needs.

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